We’ve had an abundance of snow days lately and I thought it was time to get out our paper and scissors to make some snowflakes of our own.  Graham and I made some last year and he’s been asking to do it again for a couple of months now.

thin paper – I bought square origami paper at Hobby Lobby (I’m sure they have it at Michael’s too) because I can’t cut a square square for the life of me
sharp scissors – even for the kids, they’re less likely to have accidents with sharp scissors
I had seen patterns for beautiful snowflakes scattered across the internet.  I started here with a pattern for folding a five-pointed snowflake.  Graham and I tried it together at first and then we both agreed I should fold and he should cut.

Once you have your paper folded, go to town cutting out designs. I liked to draw guidelines on my folded paper first, Graham liked to go free hand.  Do what works for you. You can find some great cutting patterns here, here and here.

The best part is unfolding!

Admittedly, Graham got bored of this long before I did.  We spent a little time each afternoon for a couple of days and came up with a pretty little snowflake garland to hang.

And while Graham and I were busy folding and cutting, I handed the little guy a glue stick and our scraps.  He was perfectly happy collaging them and felt he was a part of the snowflake making too!


One thought on “Snowflakes

  1. Great activity! I think I enjoy it as much as my kids too. Also great pictures. Thanks for including us in your snowflake garland making.

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