Last night, whether you knew it or not, our meeting centered around patience.  It was so fun to see that we could all laugh as we fumbled our way through our lessons in knitting. Below, Cris shares more on the topic of patience:

I find it really ironic that I am supposed to write something for this topic when I don’t have any patience of my own!  In high school we had one of those mock elections, you know the kind, when someone gets voted for most likely to succeed, or cutest smile, or most likely to be on the cover of GQ.  Well, I won the high honor of class sweethearts (my hubby and I have dated since 11th grade), and most dependable (which I am, but thought this was a really boring thing to be).  I was not then, nor ever have been given the title “patient.”  I have actually asked God on several occasions why He blessed someone like me with kids…I have no patients for them!  I don’t like to ask someone to do something more then once, I don’t like repeating myself, waiting is a waste of my time, and being cooped up at home is more than I can handle!

So then, why was I blessed with my two little angles who require all of these things?  Over time I have come to realize that it isn’t because I have patients for them, but because He has patience for me!  Because He loves me and therefore asks me things more than once, repeats Himself, waits for me, and stays as long as I need Him!  I am so blessed to have the kids I do, and need to take my parenting ques not from myself and my own insecurities, but from the God who “parents” me perfectly.

I hope that this MOPS group will bring you encouragement in your mothering, and that you will also go to God when you know you can’t do it alone.  We were not intended to do it alone!


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