Caring For Each Other

Kim gives a personal testimony of how MOPS has blessed her familyWe’d love to hear your story, just add it in the comments!
    I had just received a phone call with a delivery time for dinner and given directions to my house to one of my fellow mops moms. I felt loved and cared for during my time of great sickness.  Then my mother-in-law called and I told her the good news. She had the hardest time understanding why I would get dinner delivered to our family.  Her words were, “I’ve never heard of that before.  Yeah, I can see family doing that, but you never see a group of people doing that for community.”  And it was at that moment it hit me.  MOPS are like family and no you don’t see just anybody delivering meals to those in need.  I felt so proud responding to her statement with “Well, that’s what we do.  We take care of our mommas.”
    I am so privileged and blessed to be a part of such a special group.  There are many amazing and caring women, who are there at the moment anyone is in need of help.
    It feels so different to be on the receiving end of the caring part and it was difficult for me to reach out.  One of the lessons I think God meant for me to learn was that it is ok and a must to ask for help when I’m in need.
    Dear Jesus, Thank you for the work you have done and continue to do in our MOPS group.  I am part of an amazing group, and with your help it touches the hearts of so many moms.  Please encourage those moms who are struggling to ask for help when in need, to reach out.  Allow them, and in turn others, to be blessed by giving the gift of giving.  Amen.

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