Welcome to MOPS 2011-2012

Welcome Mothers of Preschoolers!  Finally there is a play group for moms.  We focus on YOUR needs, while your children (MOPPETTS) are being cared for by our loving caregivers.  Our meetings are designed to provide you with opportunities to relax, make new friends, enjoy adult conversation, learn a new skill or craft, hear guest speakers, and be involved in group discussions on topics of interest to Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS).
We are happy to have you join us.  We strive to provide you with a warm and caring environment.  Leland MOPS meets every 1st and 3rd Tuesday, September through May with the exception of holidays (see meeting schedule).  We begin at 5:45pm and end at 8pm.  If you have any needs, questions, suggestions or would like to help in any way, we welcome your input.  Feel free to approach any of your Steering Team members or call me, Cris Porter, Coordinator, at 231-883-3881 or cris_porter@yahoo.com
MomSense: Bold • Loving • Sensible
This year’s theme equips moms to embrace their mothering instincts and develop their own parenting style while navigating through the myriad of daily mom decisions.
Developing a mothering strategy is somewhat like  playing a game — and this year’s theme is appropriately game  related. Have fun being a mom! Playing games involves being bold and taking risks, loving those in the game with us and being sensible while figuring out what works and what doesn’t.
Just as in real-life, sometimes in games, unexpected, “chance” events occur, abruptly changing our paths. We must regroup and determine our next steps.  Teaming together with other moms is a great strategy.
Combining her mom intuition and her common sense helps a woman discover her own unique MomSense. 
(Mom Intuition + Common Sense = MomSense)

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